Season 1

Pilot- Melissa transferred from Michigan. Mel learns that she has magical powers and she meets Jordan, Abby, Victoria and Danielle. They go to a secret school of magic. Mel decides to go to school. All of them got along very well. After school, The girls go through the dark forest then suddenly gets attack by an evil, shadow figure. Mel's auntie Joanna saves them. Evil Is upon them all. They must unleashes the power of the circle. The battle has begun.

The Gift-Jordan's boyfriend Jake invites to a family dinner. She gets nervous. Shelia gives some advices. She also tells that she must practice her magic. Abby started to draw pictures of a man, a fantasy realm and shaped figure. Victoria and octavia practice their magic

A Few Good Men-

Lost Girl-

Fire and Ice-

Wild Heart-

Demon Witch-



Small Worl

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